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Troy Thinh Khuu

Troy Thinh Khuu

"It’s not how big the HOUSE is. It’s how happy the HOME is"

Advice For Sellers


Consult with Troy – Your Bay Area Real Estate Expert

Hello Bay Area sellers,

So you want to sell your house! You could try to sell on your own but your house can stay on market for weeks, even months without even one interested buyer, much less offer! 

Or you can hire a real estate like your friend Tony did. Now instead of having to list the property himself, deal with all sources of buyers or try to navigate the confusing world of real estate, Tony has an experienced guide not only list the property for him, but also handle all potential offers, getting him the most of money, less time with none of the hassles. 

Every extra day your house sits on the market, it’s money out of your pocket while Tony is living a high life. So maybe it’s time to consider a real estate agent to help sell your house!

Please contact Troy Thinh KhuuYour Real Estate Expert Serving the entire Bay Area for a private consultation! 

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