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Troy Thinh Khuu

Troy Thinh Khuu

"It’s not how big the HOUSE is. It’s how happy the HOME is"

Client Testimonials

Troy helped us purchase our first home in March 2016. Our family used to work with many real estate agents, but not all of them can make feel comfortable until we met Troy. He patiently explained to us and walked us through the whole process. He was always available if we have any questions! After the transaction closed, he kept following to make sure things went smoothly with our remodeling work. What stands out the most from Troy are his honesty, professionalism and he always fight for our best interest! We appreciate your help in our purchase transaction! It's a great pleasure working with you Troy

Chris.P: Buyer of San Jose

It was an awesome experience working with Troy. From the beginning, we were really impressed by his professional services. All in one package: staging, listing, advertising, negotiation. He helped us sell our house with a great price without any hassle or issue. He kept communicating regularly to update us what is going on with the whole transaction. This is the first time that we sell our house so we did not know how many things should be involved. Troy carefully explained everything and walked through every single step. What we enjoyed the most while working with Troy is: he simplified everything to make sure it's more understandable to customers. We knew that Troy worked a lot behind the scenes by dealing with many parties involved to make sure things got done properly. It was truly an amazing experience. Thanks Troy! We were lucky to have you as our listing agent. All the best with your career!

Sky.S: Seller of Single Family Home in San Jose

We met Troy at his open house. He got our attention from the beginning due to this charisma and warm welcome to our family. However, it's not the main reason which made us decide to work with him. We used to work other agents before but Troy proved to us he has the best knowledgeable, experience in Silicon Valley. He was really smart and effective in convincing sellers to accept our offer way before the deadline. He also recommended us the best lender so we can have the best interest rate. Now living in the house that we just purchased, we always appreciate his efforts to help us close this deal successfully! Friends, neighbors, or any sellers/ buyers, I highly recommend you to work with Troy. You will not be disappointed!

Lan.P: Buyer of San Jose

It was a pleasant experience working with Troy. We moved from SoCal to the Bay Area and have been renting for around a year. When we moved here, we always wanted to buy a house to settle down. Our house hunt process started 6 months ago, until we met Troy. We used to speak to many agents but Troy gave us the most comfortable feeling to work with. He's chill, straightforward, honest, never pushy! Thanks to his advice, we got this house right at appraisal price by winning over many offers. We trust Troy and are very happy with his services! We believed you will feel the same way when working with him!

J.A: Buyer relocated from SoCal to San Jose Evergreen

We had an amazing experience working with Troy. Originally, our family planned to buy a mobihome. Been renting for a long time, our hope is only getting a place where we can own so we can get rid of payment rent every month. Thanks to Troy! He invited us to his office and reviewed everything. After understanding our scenario, Troy recommended us to talk to both lenders - both for mobihome and residential homes. We never know lenders for these types of properties are so different. At first, we did not know why Troy recommended us to talk to another residential lender apart from mobihome. We never thought that we can be qualified to buy that kind of property (of course we like it much better than mobihome). At the same time, we did not know that Troy already thought for us one step ahead. He knew that we can be qualified. After receiving feedback from both lenders, we are so excited to know that we can be qualified to buy not only mobihome but also condo/ town house in San Jose. Great news ever! We literally went to visit a few properties with Troy. After 2 times offers, we got one step in the house that we love. It's a remodeled property with all the features that we love: location, affordable price, bright, a little bit contempo... It's never enough to say how much we appreciate Troy for his dedication, professionalism and experience in his field. Without you, we cannot get the house that we love. Now we are proud to say "Yay, we are living the American dream. We got our own home now". All the best Troy! God bless you!

Sanjay.A: Buyer of San Jose Condo

We are investors and had purchase several properties in the Bay Area as rental properties. It means we have worked with several realtors in the past. However, I have to say Troy is a very knowledgeable and reliable agent that we are satisfied to work with. He proved to us he is always on our side to protect our best benefits. He took care of all stuff dealing with contractors, sellers, arranging for our property managers to visit the house many times in order to inspect prior closing so we can rent it out right after the purchase. He is always responsive and gives us the thorough answer from the beginning until the end. Even after the sale, he still follows up with us to make sure everything is good as he knows we live out of the area. What can you expect from an agent who always take a good care of you and be on top of everything! Great job Troy! We will definitely call you when there are other investment opportunities coming up!

M.A: Buyer/ Investor in San Jose

Wonderful experience working with Troy! Our house hunt ended after 3 months. We think it's a really fast comparing to other friends that we know - they spent for at least 6 months to find the right one. Moreover, the competition is very aggressive. However, Troy helped win over 15 offers to get the dream house. His service is nothing but class. His negotiation skill and dedication impressed us! No doubt Troy is our best agent in Silicon Valley!

Joy.N: Buyer of San Jose Evergreen

We had a pleasure working with Troy to purchase our 1st home. He truly amazed us by getting us in contract within 3 weeks of searching for homes. We already prepared the mindset of spending at least 6 months in order to find the right one. That's also the experience we heard from our friends. However, working with Troy is truly a joy and luck for our family. With his great network, he was able to help us achieve our goal by getting a great home in this crazy market. Yes, I mean it. It's crazy!!! The house that we got in contract have more than 10 offers. Troy still helps us locked it. We close in less than 3 weeks. Super happy with the result and it's a great feeling to be a homeowner. Thanks Troy! You are awesome. It's a pleasure working with you!

The Smith Family

It was an awesome experience working with Troy. He helped us sell our house in the shortest amount of time, had staging and marketing done beautifully & flawlessly after just a couple days. With one weekend open house, Troy was able to get us multiple offers and negotiated a very good price and terms for our house. During the sale process, he was always on top of the game by keeping us updated regularly. We truly had a peace of mind working with Troy. He knew what he was doing to protect our best benefits. If you looking for an outstanding and professional real estate agent, Troy is the man. Call him, period!

F.G: Seller of single house in San Jose Alum Rock

I really appreciate that Troy were committed to help me sell my house. I wished I listen to him and listed the house on the market sooner especially during peak time. When I was ready to put my house for sale, market shifted. I got hit as less people are interested in my house due to its location. However, Troy was still able to help me sell it successfully despite of many challenges. His services are top-notch. He did everything professionally: deep clean, staging, professional photography, video... The most important thing is he knew how to attract buyers to my house and convinced them to make offers. Without Troy's help, I don't think the house can be sold. Another similar house in my complex was still sitting there. I'm lucky and super satisfied with the result. I highly recommend Troy to anyone who is looking for a realtor you can trust. Troy will deliver an amazing result!

J.S: seller of condo near San Jose downtown